Science Events Sampler

The list below offers links to various web pages dedicated to live public science events.

This list is in no way comprehensive. It is intended for introductory exploration for those unfamiliar with the live public science events landscape. Events were selected for the list from among those that participated in or informed the Science Live project during 2015. For now (as of January, 2016), Science Live is a volunteer effort, and there are no immediate plans to update the list.

Networks of Independently Organized Events
UK Specific Events
US Specific Events



Networks of Independently Organized Events

1 BIG STEM; formerly British Interactive Group UK
2 Cafe Scientifique Global
3 European Science Events Association (EUSEA) Europe
4 Maker Faire Global
5 National Engineers Week US
6 Nerd Nite Global
7 Pint of Science Global
8 Science Cafes Global
9 Science Festival Alliance US
10 Teen Science Cafes US
11 UK Festivals Network UK

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UK Specific Events

1 Abandon Normal Devices UK
2 Arts Catalyst UK
3 Big Bang Fair UK
4 Bright Club UK
5 Cardiff Engagement UK
6 Clod Ensemble UK
7 Curious Directive UK
8 Famelab UK
9 Festival of the Spoken Nerd UK
10 Stand Up Maths UK
11 Fuel Theatre UK
12 Graphic Science UK
13 Guerilla Science UK/US
14 Helen Keen UK
15 LASTheatre UK
16 Learn Differently UK
17 Maths Busking UK
18 Pint of Science UK
19 Robin Ince UK
20 Sarah’s Adventures in Science UK
21 Science Busking UK
22 Science Gallery International UK
23 Science Made Simple UK
24 Science Museum, London UK
25 Science Oxford UK
26 Science Showoff UK
27 Sciencewise UK
28 Simon Singh UK
29 Soapbox Science UK
30 Stan’s Cafe UK
31 Tangram Theatre UK
32 Teen Tech UK
33 The Crunch UK
34 The Gastronaut UK
35 Science Ceilidh UK
36 Cafe Scientifique UK
37 Wellcome Trust Fellow UK
38 Y Touring Theatre Company UK

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US Specific Events

1 Atlanta Science Tavern US
2 Catalyst Collaborative US
3 Chicago Council on Science & Technology US
4 Coolidge Corner Theatre US
5 Dragon Con Science Track US
6 Encyclopedia Show US
7 Gique US
8 Imagine Science Films US
9 MakerFaire US
10 MIT Museum Public Programs US
11 Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago US
12 Museum of Science, Boston US
13 North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences US
14 Nerd Nite US
15 RadioLab US
16 Raising the Bar US
17 Science @ Cal US
18 Science by the Pint US
19 Solve for X Variety Show US
20 Story Collider US
21 The Smithsonian Associates US
22 Thirst DC US
23 Two Bit Circus US
24 Via Productions US
25 You’re the Expert US

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